• How Getting a Car Loan Will Help You with Your Credit

    If you have really bad credit and need a car, you can get auto financing if you go to the right place. An auto dealership that offers "guaranteed financing" will approve you for a loan; however, you may have to pay a high interest rate on the money you borrow. One piece of good news about going to a dealership like this is that it will offer a way for you to get a car if you need one, but that is not the only good news.
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  • Three Reasons Dealer Financing May Be A Better Option When Buying A Used Semi Truck

    It's common for individuals and companies to seek financing through a bank or credit union when they're purchasing a used semi truck. However, many dealerships also offer in-house lending options. While the interest rate you're charged may be a little higher than what you could get at a credit union, there are a number of reasons why you may want to opt to have your purchase financed by the dealer. Here are three you should consider.
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